Challenges are what make mathematics fun. 

If you've got a good riddle or puzzle, please e-mail me at I'd love to figure it out!!

      Try these:

Algebra Riddle.    Where did the missing square go??  Hint: Compute the slopes.


Kinesthetic Riddle

     You have 2 buckets and one faucet.  One holds 3 gallons; the other holds 5 gallons.  Using the faucet and buckets, fill up exactly 4 gallons in one bucket.  There is NO measuring of any kind allowed.  You can turn the faucet on & off as you wish.  You may also pour out the water from one bucket to another or pour the water on the ground.  There are 2 possible answers

Historical Riddle

     Add one to 30 and you get 29.  Half of 12 is 7 NOT 6.  There are NO negatives.  This is NOT about algebra; it's more about the way we write numbers.  Hints: Look at the publishing date of old book.

Logical Riddle

   There is a sealed room with a door and NO windows.  There are 3 light switches on the outside and one light bulb inside.  Only one of those switches actually works.  You may turn on and off any switch you like, in any order and for any length of time.  Once you open the door and walk in, there is NO turning back.  Hint: You must do something first before you decide which switch works.  NOTE: There is no one else along with you. 

Misc. Riddle

   There is a dead body found in a house basement with 52 bicycles.  What happened? Hint: The number of bicycles is significant.

Logic #2

   There are 2 doors.  One leads to infinite bliss, the other to unending pain.  There is a guard in front of each door.  One always lies, the other always tells the truth.  You do NOT know which door is which or who lies and tells the truth.  You only get to ask ONE question from ONE of the guards.  What should you ask to pick the right door?

 Geometry Riddle

    How many triangles below do see.  Count carefully.  Can you develop a formula?

 Image result for how many triangles

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