Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1) What can my son/daughter do to improve his/her grade in the class?

      a) Do the online Deltamath homework! 

      b) Tutoring in Alg, Geom & other Subjects is available; see link below:

      c) Network with people outside of class in a group.

      d) Check out the websites in this page on your subject.

      e) Watch the posted videos for your subject!!

2) Is there any extra credit assignments that my son/daughter can do to raise his/her grade?

A) There are NO extra credit assignments.  Extra credit is not a substitute for low performance.  Do better on the quizzes and tests!!  From time to time, there will be extra credit questions on some quizzes or classwork.

3) What is the class grade based on?

A) Mostly quizzes & classwork.  In-class, positive participation in the form of Q&A can also boost your grade.  For more details, you can upload the class syllabus for your subject.

4) What is the image at the top of this page?

A) It's called a fractal.  Fractals are generated by equations that use complex numbers -- a subject studied in Algebra 2.  Fractals also have many applications in computer science and occur in nature.

If there are any general unaddressed questions that you feel others would benefit from or you have more individual concerns, please e-mail at 


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